Safety at Home

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Child-resistant doesn’t mean child-proof. Secure your prescription and over-the-counter medications, including medical cannabis, out-of-reach from young children as well as teens. Child-resistant packaging helps but is no guarantee of safety.

  • Properly dispose of expired and unused medications
  • Use special care with medications that look like candy
  • Call your local Police Department for safe, confidential drop-off bins


Most teenagers who abuse prescription drugs are given them for free by a friend or relative.

Don’t make it easy. Lock up your meds.

  • Keep track of pill quantities
  • Properly dispose of unused medications
  • Block access to online pharmacies and drug sources
  • Participate in county prescription drug take-back days
  • Learn the facts on Rx drug abuse
  • Talk about it 

How Are Prescription Drugs Abused?

  • Taking medication that has been prescribed for somebody else.
  • Taking a drug in a way other than prescribed.
  • Taking a medication to get high.

How can you keep your home safe?
Start with creating a routine for keeping your family medications secure and safe from children.

  • Get involved in your community Prescription Drug Take-Back Days.
  • Use Stanilaus County's Drop the Drugs Prescription Drug Disposal Program
  • Consider buying a home Medicine Lock Box to secure your medications. Using a medicine lock box or locking cap can help keep your medication secure.


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